Feigned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Feigned:

The Spaniards, indeed, feigned to regard them only as a remnant of the rebels who had joined the pre-existing brigand bands.

Lucy Warrender, ever ready for mischief, feigned an intense interest in racing matters, but failed to draw Lord Hetton.

I could not make out what it was, for the wind-was rustling the corn-shocks, but I arose and feigned to listen.

Garnache opened his eyes and stared a second dully at the disturber of his feigned slumbers.

Some chiefs, however, feigned to offer their submission, and all was apparently quiet for a time.

The feigned hero inflames the true; and the dead virtue animates the living.

This effusion written and posted, the youth feigned unusual calmness all day, so no one would suspect his designs.

After examining him for some minutes, David discovered that this calmness of Frederick was feigned.

Mademoiselle listened to him, feigned to be satisfied with his explanation, in fact, met deceit with deceit.

As soon as he crossed the border he feigned to be a refugee, but was taken as a spy and cast into prison.