Feinted [verb]

Definition of Feinted:

dodge; beat around the bush

Synonyms of Feinted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feinted:

Set free








Sentence/Example of Feinted:

He feinted, and drove a vicious uppercut to the jaw of Dr. Friedrich von Stein.

Thormod feinted once or twice, then he let fly at me, striking with the flat of his axe, as one does when in sport or practice.

With an oath Raniero's sword flashed, feinted, turned with a cunning twist, and swept low for Francesco's thigh.

Twice the conman feinted with his right, struck out with his left, then retired.

He feinted, dropped the bridle, and pretended to draw aside.

Again Beaufort feinted and swung, but this time Penny sprang back out of the way.

He feinted wildly, then, stepping in closely, he swung a right and left to Black Jack's face.

Ponta paused, as if to make doubly sure, then feinted with his left and struck fiercely with his right with all his strength.

After a few passes Robin feinted, and, catching the other unawares, dealt him a thwack with the flat of his blade.

He feinted several times and then leaped away when Enoch tried to seize him as he had before.