Felicitate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Felicitate:

This is but a word to say how much we felicitate ourselves on having made the acquaintance of Hughie.

Lieutenant Banning, mopping his brow, stepped forward to felicitate his commanding officer.

They should call on her and felicitate her as soon as they have been informed of the affair.

It is less common, although also unobjectionable, to hear people felicitate with themselves on being good guests.

And then regaining control of himself, "I suppose I ought," with a forced and ghastly smile, "to felicitate you on your escape."

My flawed life has that to felicitate upon—that I have not spent it in fat lumps of writing, magazine tales and sex-novels.

Duncan Lisle might well felicitate himself upon having secured so invaluable an assistant.

On the other hand, there were some mendicants whose utmost efforts I even now felicitate myself on having withstood.

After the concert Beethovens friends, as was natural, came together to exchange comments and felicitate him.

With peculiar propriety, we may now felicitate ourselves, on that happy form of mixed government under which we live.