Felicities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Felicities:

“Now this is what I call real felicity,” observed the major, pulling out a pipe which he proceeded to fill.

The charm of style, the delicacy of touch, and felicity of phrase, are in both cases preeminent.

I conceive that the strictest union of affection is requisite to conjugal felicity.

Marriage, which ought to be a source of all felicity, is often to a man a heavy burden which crushes him through want of fortune.

On the sweet face of this brave mother, once so severely tried, the expression of profound felicity was depicted.

The stream of life is a stream of joy; to ride on it, to let ourselves float on its surface, that is felicity!

When satiated with earthly felicity, may you be received in paradise by seventy dark-eyed houris—'

Even with pleasure would she witness the destruction of everything, for she would remain alone with Him; so great is her felicity.

His son Myron enjoyed this felicity all the days of his life.

At last, he had the full consciousness of his overwhelming felicity.