Felled [verb]

Definition of Felled:

chop down

Synonyms of Felled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Felled:

Sentence/Example of Felled:

Still, never far from their thoughts is the knowledge that they, too, could be felled by the disease.

Though Christensen meant something more specific, disruption came to describe the risk that incumbents would be felled by younger, nimbler competitors.

Instead, many emotional reactions to the pandemic detected in surveys may reflect understandable demoralization and grief at painful losses of jobs, social contacts and loved ones felled by the virus, Pies wrote August 24 in Psychiatric Times.

Vegetal decay hangs thick in the air, trapped beneath the rotting innards of a felled beech tree.

If we talk about conversions, then again, in most cases there is a fell.

But not too big for the ragged old arm that felled it down as an axe fells the last rings of a stricken tree.

He attempted to struggle upward, but with a strength borne of excitement, she pushed him and he felled backward upon the bed.

Near the stream we found some felled trees and the staves of a cask.

It is well known in Sweden that when a pine forest is felled, a growth, not of pine but of birch, immediately springs up.

Small poplar trees were quickly felled in the neighboring forest, and their branches lopped off.