Feller [adjective]

Definition of Feller:

animal, savage

Opposite/Antonyms of Feller:

Sentence/Example of Feller:

Vunce I seen a feller–I hat some snakes here in algohol–unt dat feller he trunk de algohol.

Thar was a young man named Jeames Hambrick along and another young feller, he got to fooling with his pistil, and he shot Jeames.

I bet a feller can skate in the streeton the sidewalkalmost anywhere this morning, declared Chet, with enthusiasm.

Let some feller come in here with a gen'ral store, sellin' for cash—and cuttin' prices, eh?

And, young feller, if things turns out for me like I think they will, you're goin' to quit bein' a lawyer one of these days.

Shouldn't be s'prised if the feller who introduced it and made a fight for it would stand mighty well, back home.

An' mebbe the feller next to him drills a hole three feet deep and he strikes a vein.

How's a feller goin' to win votes if he can't git nobody to talk to him, that's what I want to know?

The cars are so beastly col' an' so crowded a feller mostly has to stand on the back platform.

Well, I am a sort of a literary feller,” I confessed, “but I never married a rich wife.