Felonious [adjective]

Definition of Felonious:


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Sentence/Example of Felonious:

Its bad, I know, but not so bad as having had the boy locked up, charged with felonious assault.

It was my passionate desire at this period to "keep up my end" with Raffles in every department of the game felonious.

The prisoners, after a brief trial, were convicted of felonious conspiracy, and were all sentenced to ten years' transportation.

The fact is, they were, if possible, more ignorant than their felonious partners.

Why did you not interfere to stop this felonious marriage before it took place?

The second and felonious marriage was a notorious fact; but for form's sake it must be proved before the jury.

But you have painted old Crawling Elk as if he were a felonious mendicant.

A thief caught in a felonious act would not have presented a more damning spectacle.

Her morals, however, had in no way improved, and a felonious abstraction of butchers meat immediately occurred.

I do not believe that they committed a burglary, but it was a felonious entry all the same.