Felony [noun]

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Election officials are required by law to periodically update their records, removing individuals who have moved away, died or been newly convicted of a felony.

Proposition 20 would allow prosecutors to charge certain non-violent offenses as a felony and would establish new types of crimes, making it harder for those people to qualify for early release.

It wasn’t, and their armed display resulted in felony charges.

Sullivan is charged with obstruction of justice and failing to report his knowledge of a felony.

With the racial disparities in the prosecution of felonies coming increasingly under fire, 13 states now prohibit private employers from asking about criminal history, according to the National Employment Law Project.

The judge reserved the case till he could determine whether the crime was felony or only a misdemeanor.

In 1434 the Legislature enacted that the making of gold or silver should be treated as a felony.

The pro-slavery Legislature made it a felony to circulate anti-slavery publications, or to deny the right to hold slaves.

Poaching is not yet made felony; but there is no saying how soon it may be made so, if the crime be persisted in.

Subsequent to the passing of the Act of 1586 the method of execution would have been that for felony.