Femaleness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Femaleness:

Which new power, when reawakened to function in a female organism, manifests in a further degree of Femaleness.

She has bartered away for femaleness the possibility of ever receiving a double dose of this factor.

Her problem is to get the factor on which the quality depends into an ovum that carries also the factor for femaleness.

We will suppose that in dioica femaleness is dominant to maleness, and that the female is heterozygous for this additional factor.

Let us accept, then, this sensitiveness both physical and psychical, as at least the natural character of femaleness.

The other trend, not entirely separate except for externals, is marked by a hyper-sexuality, an emphasis of femaleness.

Indeed she reacted bitterly against the femaleness that marriage forced on her and hated the essential maleness of her husband.

Sheer femaleness and the spirit of the age seesawed inconclusively.

Without Maleness, Femaleness has no significance—no existence, in fact.

Oh, where she was delivered over to him, in her very soft femaleness, he seemed to lacerate her and desecrate her.