Females [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Females:

Orellana was very warmly received by armed swift-footed females, which originated the fanciful name Amazonia.

I should judge from the streets that not more than one-fourth of the females of Galway belong to the shoe-wearing aristocracy.

This distinction is very useful in identifying young birds and females, which are sometimes very much alike.

After the gentle sex had to a great extent given up the habit, some strong minded females were to be found who retained it.

By statute a later date, twenty-one for males and eighteen for females has been fixed in many states.

The flash of knives—I saw two men stuck—made as little impression upon him as the awful abandonment of—well, of the females.

I saw very few women, and these only near their huts, which they appear to leave less than any females with whom I am acquainted.

The male patients are lodged in one house, the females and children in a second, while the lunatics are confined in the third.

With costers and bargemen one can always get on familiarly: it is the pretentious, vulgar men and females who are horrible.

Can you think why the females and the young males of the reindeer herd could drive the old stags away during the winter?