Feminine [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Feminine:

Often, I came across feminine characters on the street that walked with an exaggerated animation, hips swaying as though they were models, sauntering down a catwalk.

Women’s cycling apparel maker Machines for Freedom is known for its boldly feminine, eye-catching floral prints.

At one point in my teens I was seen as a person who was too feminine.

In that case, Ann Hopkins received advice from her employer that, if she wanted to make partner at the firm, she should act more feminine.

I think that a lot of people thought, well, you’re saying girls can’t be feminine.

This unreasoning, feminine obstinacy so wrought upon him that he permitted himself a smile and a lapse into irony and banter.

Under all man's dreams of eternal gods and eternal heavens lies man's passion for the eternal feminine.

The plain furniture was stiffly arranged, and there was no litter of clothing or small feminine belongings.

She made me a profound and graceful curtsey—feminine homage to my budding manhood.

Her eyes are in a measure open now, but it is too late, and she rebels in the usual futile feminine way.