Femininity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Femininity:

In Jane’s duality, I felt like my version of femininity finally had room to breathe.

The assumption is that we’ll use femininity and access to the female customer for the bottom line—and to get to the $1 billion exit.

Sometimes Mulan’s virtue takes the form of her deep commitment to traditional femininity.

Comes of living alone and making a success of it, I suppose, getting ahead of mere femininity and all the pettinesses of life.

We have exquisite types of femininity in Tuscany, said the young man, with patriotic ardor.

Mayo stared after her, wrinkling his forehead for a moment, as if he had discovered some new vagary in femininity to puzzle him.

Her amazing fortitude at the time when he had looked for hysterics and collapse gave him new light on the enigma of femininity.

At six o'clock in fluttered Elizabeth, a vision of elegant femininity in her soft furs and plumes and trailing skirts.

That femininity, as Miss Hendy calls it, should be brought so prominently forward in the person of an ass.

In the crisis we were facing now, I somehow lacked my wonted power to shun femininity.