Feminism [noun]

Definition of Feminism:

women's rights

Synonyms of Feminism:

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Sentence/Example of Feminism:

Journalist Koa Beck—a veteran of Jezebel, Vogue, and Marie Claire—examines, with clear-eyed scrutiny and in meticulous detail, the history of feminism, from the true mission of the suffragettes to the rise of corporate feminism.

It’s a very, very difficult territory to walk, to build a unicorn-scale business based on feminism.

She has published a how-to handbook for activists, Heroines of the Streets, that she hopes will offer tools to other women advocating for radical feminism.

It acknowledges the rich, complicated history of the women’s suffrage movement and forges a new pathway for inclusive feminism.

Sweden’s brand of feminism had spent a decade working to create a more balanced society, both for women in the workplace and for men in the home.

None were about the party, but on subjects like 35 "political economy," "the fur trade," "feminism."

Only after serious study of sexual dimorphism in the animal series may one venture a few reflections on feminism.

For if there are in nature numerous examples of feminism, there are very few of an equality of the sexes.

It appears that public opinion in New England was disagreeably impressed by this early manifestation of feminism.

For feminism, in a sense, is a return to atavism, and sex antagonism and sex attraction are functions of the same thing.