Fencers [noun]

Definition of Fencers:

person using sword

Synonyms of Fencers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fencers:


Sentence/Example of Fencers:

Althotas eyed the speaker like a fencer watching his antagonist make a lunge which lays him open to defeat.

In the gym, Siebold also shone as a good boxer, fencer and wrestler.

But they were masters once, and now and then they send out a fencer the French can't touch.'

Donald was a capital fencer; and, well skilled in the tricks of the art, he had a parry for every known thrust.

The fencer who can transfer his weapon to the left hand places his adversary at a disadvantage.

At last the boldest of the three threw her head at the young fencer.

His Excellency looked at the speaker as a fencer measures his antagonist.

Those were your fathers, he said; he was a wonderful fencer.

But if the steed understand his business, he will dodge the animal with the expertness of a fencer.

Sturm was too good a fencer to throw himself unprotected upon his enemy.