Fenestration [noun]

Definition of Fenestration:

framework with pane

Synonyms of Fenestration:

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Sentence/Example of Fenestration:

The fenestration of this cathedral of St. Louis reign shows the national art in its prime.

This change in the fenestration restored the building to its appearance as shown in Civil War photographs of the courthouse.

The fenestration differs in several respects from that of similar houses erected a quarter century later.

Beautifully tooled, light stone lintels with fine-scale radial scorings greatly enhance the beauty of the fenestration.

Network double, with a delicate arachnoidal fenestration, filling up the large quadrangular meshes.

The gallery was long and narrow, with a series of recesses, each with an arched fenestration that looked upon a court of palms.

It is formed by a fenestration of a primitively continuous cartilaginous coracoid plate (Hoffmann).

A rope with a bolt attached had been flung across and had caught in a fenestration of a projecting fragment of railing.