Feral [adjective]

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The more feral horses from New Zealand play, for example, the better they survive their first year.

The first is feral cowardice — captured in the wild-eyed, hunted expression of Republican senators asked to comment on the president’s latest insane or destructive tweet.

It may be an exercise in delusion, but it’s still heartening to bask in these letters, to take this feral love for what it was at a freeze-frame moment in time.

Throw in some fresh wild turkey bones along with some fish bones, or keep the broth mammalian by blending elk bones with those from a feral hog.

How again does it explain reversion to long-lost characters and the resumption of feral characteristics?

In a feral state he would doubtless have left the herd and become a solitary wanderer.

An old hunter then mounted a tame elephant, went up to the feral one, seized his ear and ordered him to lie down.

Furthermore, they are all comparatively large, and if they ever become feral in England, it will not be for many years to come.

The bright feral light of the super-mongoose's eyes seemed to lance at Sowles, like an infra-red flash.

The feral progeny now differ in many respects from their parent stock.