Ferns [noun]

Definition of Ferns:

scrappy bushes

Synonyms of Ferns:

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Sentence/Example of Ferns:

Fern cases were very much in vogue some years ago, and this is really a very delightful way of cultivating the plants.

Never grasp a Fern plant from above and try to pull it away, as this will be almost sure to result in damage.

If properly dried and pressed, it is possible to preserve the Fern fronds with a great deal of their natural colour.

Dwarfs in pointed hoods pricked with fern leaves whirled about these edifices in the airiest fashion.

For a moment he lay still; and a cool fern pressed comfortingly against his cheek.

Underfoot Richard could feel dry twigs crack, and he smelt the fresh earthy odor of fern brakes and bird-loved thickets.

Her apron was tucked up, and Johannes saw three large rods of fern and willow twigs peeping out at each end.

The Fern Fly—dubbed with the fur from a hare's neck, which is of a fern colour, wings dark grey feather of mallard.

Jacob remained among the fern until they were out of sight, and then rose up.

At this time he is feeding; two hours hence he will be lying down in the high fern.