Ferocious [adjective]

Definition of Ferocious:

violent, barbaric

Synonyms of Ferocious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ferocious:

Sentence/Example of Ferocious:

The four different creatures molds have ferocious detailed faces, foot handles, and reusable sticks.

After two largely one-sided games to open the NBA Finals, Jimmy Butler and Miami found their sea legs on Sunday night with a ferocious series of late-game drives and free throws to pull the Heat within a game of the Lakers.

This CucinaPro waffler will brighten up any kid’s morning with its fun and ferocious animal shapes of cats, tigers, bear, dogs, and deer.

This icy shield insulates the subsurface ocean from the extreme cold and vacuum of space, as well as Jupiter’s ferocious radiation belts.

Though the storm isn’t as ferocious in terms of wind speed, it’s moving slowly.

Now, as a second round of ferocious temperatures abates, so-called Diablo winds sweeping in have set the conditions for even more fires.

It is a vile world because it is an under-educated world, unreasonable, suspicious, base and ferocious.

The shorter native had his hair collected into a knob at the top of his head, which gave him a ferocious appearance.

He has not been shaved very recently, but he doesnt look at all ferocious notwithstanding.

The most ferocious and arrogant Mindanao tribes occupy regions within easy access of the coast.