Ferociousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ferociousness:

His personal misfortunes will prove the anarchy of the government and the ferociousness of the times.

To me they looked like demons with horrid creases of red and yellow paint on their faces that gave them a haggard ferociousness.

There were glaring eyes on all sides, and the countenances of some exhibited an animal ferociousness hideous to look upon.

There was a fascination in his manner that made the ferociousness of his antagonist subside into impotence.

The expression of his face rapidly changed from a look of entreaty to that of ferociousness.

Tiny Scotch flew at him ferociously; never have I seen such faithful ferociousness in a dog so small and young.

There was ferociousness in the heart of the Indian, but Grace's voice had stayed his hand.

You are radically polite; this impetuosity and ferociousness is simply the sincerity which is the basis of a proper deportment.

The brutality of the police, equalled in ferociousness the massacre of the Yeomanry Cavalry.

You see, me an' Ratty had been in th' War a goodish time an' ha-ad lost our o-riginal ferociousness.