Ferreting [verb]

Definition of Ferreting:

turn inside out in search; ravage

Opposite/Antonyms of Ferreting:

Sentence/Example of Ferreting:

To test the nasal spray, researchers used ferrets, which were chosen because they can catch viruses through their noses like humans.

It’s worth noting that this is a very small sample size, as only six ferrets received the treatment.

This dreamer could be seen daily ferreting around the Quarter for a studio always bigger than the one he had.

A village poacher, ferreting on the hillside, chanced to see her, as she lay not far off in a patch of clover.

In any case, he is very well informed of all that goes on here, and clever at ferreting out new information.

But I want to have as little to do with spying and ferreting as possible.

People hid their most precious books from the ferreting eyes of the inquisitioners in baking ovens, cellars, and caves.

On one occasion, while ferreting rabbits, I lost the ferret about a mile away from home.

There were the important tasks of ferreting out the nests of stray hens, turkeys, guineas and geese.

Or, he brightened momently, could he develop other methods of ferreting out information?