Ferric [adjective]

Definition of Ferric:

hard, tough; inflexible

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Sentence/Example of Ferric:

The Swiss salt, which contained iron in the form of ground-up ferric pyrophosphate, lost 44% of its iodine content in the first month of storage, and 86% after six months.

It gave a bluish-black color with impure ferrous sulphate and a dark color with ferric chloride.

An alcoholic solution of this substance gave a dark color with ferric chloride and a light colored precipitate with lead acetate.

A small portion of the tar residue in alcoholic solution gave a color reaction with ferric chloride.

The filtrate did not give any color with ferric chloride, but it reduced Fehling solution.

This solution was yellow and gave a reaction with ferric chloride similar to that of gallic acid.

The first part was treated with ferric chloride, but it gave no color reaction.

Exceedingly sensitive tests are known for the ferrous and the ferric ions.

Perhaps the most instructive case of this kind, that we can study, is that of iron in ferrous and ferric salts.

Hydrogen plays here the same rle as chlorine does in the ferric chloride solution.