Ferried [verb]

Definition of Ferried:

carry across

Synonyms of Ferried:

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Sentence/Example of Ferried:

After a security-related shutdown was lifted in September, 4,500 trucks boarded ferries in just 12 hours, he said.

In addition, about 50% of the food Britons consume—and up to 85% of the fresh fruit and vegetables the country eats—come from the EU, much of it shipped by trucks which cross the English Channel on ferries or the Eurotunnel train from France.

Boston is proposing to eliminate ferry service and shorten hours of operation on its rail system.

You must take a ferry to get to this beautiful coastal town where bicycles are the primary mode of transportation.

In Seattle, I’d ride ferries to Puget Sound islands on weekends.

My orders ought to have been taken before a single unwounded Officer or man was ferried back aboard ship.

With this happening at several such points enough munitions for an Army might be ferried across.

All night long the fresh divisions of Buell's army were being ferried across the river, and placed in position.

We were soon ferried over, and were kindly received on the wharf by Captain Ballard and Mr. Glenn.

Jemmy ferried her over the river in a boat belonging to the tanner, and promised to fetch her in the evening.