Ferryboat [noun]

Definition of Ferryboat:

transportation boat

Synonyms of Ferryboat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ferryboat:


Sentence/Example of Ferryboat:

It was not until they were on the ferryboat crossing the river that Harry was aware that Lawrence and Dan were of the number.

And there was the ferryboat full of people floating along down.

As I went by I see it was a lantern hanging on the jackstaff of a double-hull ferryboat.

Addressed him personally: "Have the kindness to get them to bring over the ferryboat."

The boatmen were killed, the ferryboat left to drift away, and the Tartars continued to descend the Irtych.

He lunged away, churning the water like a sudden whirl of a ferryboat wheel, and then he turned squarely at us.

The captured work was leveled, and at nine A.M. the troops commenced crossing, using both the ferryboat and flats.

About five o'clock in the afternoon the officers from the Camp began to arrive on a primitive motor ferryboat.

It was a very dark night, and a drizzling rain was falling as he stepped on the ferryboat.

They annoyed me so that I moved my lodgings to the ferryboat, but here they quickly found me and troubled me all night.