Ferryman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ferryman:

“Whenever we git there,” said Jimmy, pushing off the launch and waving his hand to the ferryman.

He merely repeated: "I'm the ferryman, and it's my business to carry people across the lake."

Looking at the ferryman more closely she saw that he had small eyes, a big nose, and a sharp chin.

In preparing a body for burial, the Greeks took a piece of money and put it into the mouth, to give to the ferryman Charon.

To begin with, a boat on a river is normally a vehicle of pleasure; but the ferryman's boat is a drudge.

If every journey were with a fare the ferryman might be a shade more cheerful, even though the payment is so trifling.

She was unfortunately drowned, in her eighteenth year, in crossing the Boyne, through the negligence of the ferryman.

The Preacher stepping into the boat, hitched his horse to the side, while the ferryman shoved out into the stream.

She saw the Crane, who was ferryman, standing close by, and sang a very sweet song in praise of his long legs and soft feathers.

The legend of the ferryman's daughter and the foundation of the monastery and church of St. Mary Overies is redolent of romance.