Fertility [noun]

Definition of Fertility:

readiness to bear, produce

Synonyms of Fertility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fertility:

Sentence/Example of Fertility:

Based on this scant evidence, Mellaart announced that the people of Çatalhöyük were a matriarchy that worshipped a fertility goddess.

Last time around, we’d had some help from a fertility clinic.

So, the combination of those two trends, those are my best guesses as to why we’ve seen fertility declining in most high-income countries.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, fertility clinics braced themselves for a downturn.

Whitlock details three local cases in which women discovered their biological fathers were actually the fertility doctors their families had turned to for help conceiving.

In September, Beverly Willhelm filed a civil lawsuit alleging a San Diego physician that she consulted for fertility issues in 1988 used his own sperm for artificial insemination without her consent.

Frederick, the fertility specialist, said uncertainty about whether to get the vaccine has added to the anxiety many of her patients already feel.

In February, a fertility specialist thawed it and transferred it to the uterus of Tina Gibson, who had been praying for a baby for five years.

Before you panic, he should see a urologist who specializes in male fertility.

Female Founders Fund, which has invested in women’s health and fertility startups including the Maven Clinic, began studying this space in part because of the investors’ own interest in finding a startup to back.