Fertilizing [verb]

Definition of Fertilizing:

make ready to bear, produce

Synonyms of Fertilizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fertilizing:

Sentence/Example of Fertilizing:

Doctors at NYU Langone saw a 41% year-over-year increase in women fertilizing their eggs.

With this approach, conventional farming practices such as watering and fertilizing crops are performed at the right place and time, and with the appropriate intensity.

The eggs are moved to the lab, where they are fertilized and the CRISPR molecules are introduced.

My hypothesis is that fertilized plants will be bigger than those that are not fertilized.

The fertilized waters prompt a bloom of phytoplankton that attracts krill—which, despite the crabeaters’ name, is a favorite meal of the seals.

This bird is likely the result of an unusual event when two sperm fertilize an egg that has two nuclei instead of one.

This mix should have nutrients to keep plants fertilized for six months, making it easier to go a little longer between repottings.

Second, by selecting for high performance in their sperm, whose fertilizing ability is critically dependent on optimal mitochondrial function.

I fertilize them and I shower them, but they stubbornly refuse to do well.

German laws, German language, German civilization are to find no ground for replenishing, no soil to fertilize and make rich.