Fervency [noun]

Definition of Fervency:


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Sentence/Example of Fervency:

She, in the fervency of her gratitude, named the dog after the donor—a great compliment.

Often she exclaimed with solemn fervency, "The gift I hae is fae aboon, an' what He gies daurna be hidit."

Yes, we loved one another with much fervency while we lived on that island; and, for the matter of that, we love each other still.

The passing of the centuries has demonstrated the need of ever increasing fervency in the supplication Thy kingdom come!

The vigour and fervency of his preaching were unabated by length of years.

Mrs. Wheaton's services in the jails and convict camps are unique, remarkable for their fervency and impromptu character.

He was quite pleased with the idea, and expressed his satisfaction with great fervency.

Her son had inherited all her fervency, her inconstancy of purpose, as well as her tendency to collapse under pressure.

When a man has the holy fire of God within him he has a boiling fervency of spirit, and he can drive through anything.

What prayer can wild, unrestrained, unheeding Genius utter with more fervency?