Fervently [adverb]

Definition of Fervently:

not humorously

Opposite/Antonyms of Fervently:

Sentence/Example of Fervently:

Regardless of what Babbitt believed in life, in death she has become a symbol both for causes she fervently embraced and some she likely never even heard of.

I made this many times over the months, but more fervently so in July and August when I was experimenting with a mostly plant-based diet.

SEIU 221, the union that represents the largest group of county employees, and the teachers union, are fervently backing Prop.

The box made the round of the table, and every one was fervently eloquent about the marvelous resemblance.

Clipperton hesitated a moment, then rushed forward, caught Matt's hand, and wrung it fervently.

Though there was no crime he would recoil at in the satisfaction of his passions, yet he fervently clung to life.

Fearing lest he should be persuaded to evade what he considered his duty, he pressed her hand fervently and hurried away.

"Thank goodness, it's in the United States," exclaimed Mrs. Overton fervently.

Before setting out on the unparalleled task he fervently asked the help of the only One who could extricate him from his peril.

For which compliment I fervently thanked him, and shook the dust of London from off my feet.