Festering [verb]

Definition of Festering:

intensify; become inflamed

Synonyms of Festering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Festering:

Sentence/Example of Festering:

The sanitary effect upon the festering disputes of our time would be incalculably great.

He carries a strange, festering sore within him and that poisons his whole blood.

To have a festering wound and to be able to show the wound to no surgeon, is wretchedness indeed!

He's just a basketful of festering, pestilent corruption, provided for the support and entertainment of microbes.

I have kept my singularly repulsive infirmity of body, and to it I have added a mind festering with foul memories.

But I carried also a portentously swollen under-lip, with a crack in it which showed signs of festering.

Is it through such instrumentality you would bring home the Church's message to proud and festering humanity?

The preaching of Wycliffe probed still deeper the festering corruption of the dominant Church.

I would give life-interest in rotten house property short shrift by burning the festering places.

Dr. Surtaine eyed with disfavor the festering tenement indicated.