Festers [verb]

Definition of Festers:

intensify; become inflamed

Synonyms of Festers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Festers:

Sentence/Example of Festers:

Several of my toes commenced to blacken and fester near the tips and the nails worked loose.

The wrong done the body politic may fester unseen, but it festers on all the same.

Only such carrion as this was left to fester upon the earth, to poison the lives of decent men and women.

The enemies of their fellows are bred, not in deserts, but in cities, where human creatures fester together in heaps.

There are words a man has no power or wish to say to a man, yet which must be spoken or they fester in his mind.

Now they were gone, and he with them: the world, with May beginning, was too sweet a place for such vermin to fester in.

If part of a piece of meat that they have torn up were to remain under a claw, it would fester and cause a sore.

Without some outlet, the anger caused by the ever-occurring troubles of life is apt to rankle and fester within.

It is like the red "chigoe" which inserts his tiny head in the flesh and burrows until he causes a throbbing fester.

Delay was causing all these disputes to fester, and the public mind of the two countries was infected with hostility.