Festivals [noun]

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I was fortunate enough during my stay in Rio Janeiro to witness several different public festivals.

The Spanish sailors were much interested in the strange customs and festivals of the brown people.

In his younger days he also played the double-bass and played at the provincial Musical Festivals of 1871 and 1874.

Both festivals are significant, and we shall meet with Consus and Ops again in close connection in December.

Regional festivals and a State Festival for public school bands and choral groups are held each year.

The festivals were more numerous in Rome than in Greece, and perhaps were more piously observed.

But Francois I., who loved the display of festivals, distinguished himself on this occasion.

In the sequel, this relief was one day granted us and another refused; and the hour was always later during festivals.

No reader of this book who cares for solemn music should fail to ascertain the St. Eustache festivals.

On certain festivals of the year there are a thousand mourners to every acre of Pre Lachaise.