Festooned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Festooned:

Down the festooned nave she came on his arm, her step unfaltering, her face calm; black misery in her heart.

The smoke-house was filled with hams, and the ceiling of the kitchen was festooned with dried apples and pumpkins.

We passed several vineyards, in which the vines were trained by maples, and festooned from tree to tree.

Somebody else led the way to a storeroom, tossed its contents into the hall, and festooned it with used computer tape.

The floor was painted and very clean, but the walls were unfinished, and the brown rafters were festooned with cobwebs.

By the side of his bed the night-lamp cast on to the opposite wall a bright disc festooned by the hanging shadow of the ceiling.

Festooned flowers, deferential service, barbaric, subtly lascivious music—this waste would have fed those workers for years!

These were the nights when "curtains" hung festooned in the heavens, alive, rippling, dancing to the lilt of lightning music.

It was fed from a spring from above, which flowed down a gully thickly festooned with maidenhair fern.

There were no women, save those that looked enviously on from a far background of flower-festooned wall.