Fetch [verb]

Definition of Fetch:

go get, bring in

Synonyms of Fetch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fetch:

Sentence/Example of Fetch:

In order to understand progress more fully we need to look at how ranking systems work as an industry standard overall, because it’s not quite as simple as a single fetch from the index it seems.

In the case of production search, it is likely something much more advanced than simply BM25 overall, but likely the more advanced and expensive resources are used in the second stage, rather than the initial fetch.

I hung the receiver up again, wondering what business could fetch Jack Bridges round at that time of the evening to see me.

While she flitted into the next room to fetch a stamp, Mrs. Haughstone, her needles arrested in mid-air, looked steadily at Tom.

Come away, my lady; it won't be long till we meet a cab or something to fetch us where you please.

You may burn a candle, said the Jew, putting one upon the table; and heres a book for you to read till they come to fetch you.

Mis' Calvert, the old lady, she sent me to fetch this basket o' garden sass to Mis' Chester: an' this letter was for you, sir.

More'n that, here's a letter she had Ephraim fetch up-mounting, when he druv down for her mail.

And when he came back from the Fayyûm to stay again with her, or, more probably, to fetch her away?

The common horses here sell for from twenty to one hundred dollars; the fine Buenos Ayres horses fetch a much higher price.