Feted [verb]

Definition of Feted:

throw a party for someone

Synonyms of Feted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feted:

Sentence/Example of Feted:

The Prince Regent sought her acquaintance; the greatest nobles feted her in their princely palaces.

In France as well as in England the name Sims is a household word, and if he chose he might be feted every day of the week.

Egmont in particular assumed the appearance of a light heart, entertaining the duke's sons, and being feted by them in return.

And we have been feted and wined and dined as only mortals may be, who have fallen among long-time and well-tried friends.

The bright-faced girl, with her French name and English sympathies, was feted and welcomed everywhere.

Courted and feted and proposed to endlessly, she had found the excitement of being the center of attention irresistible.

When feasted and feted, he could find nothing better to say than 'What a half-starved turkey.'

The Jameses were feted and feasted by the hospitable Kentuckians, and so tenderly nursed that their wounds had very much improved.

What a pampered and caressed old ocean it was; cajoled, flattered, and feted where it lay!

Again the young heiress was followed, flattered, feted as much as if she had been a beauty as well.