Fetes [noun]

Definition of Fetes:

celebration, party

Synonyms of Fetes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fetes:


Sentence/Example of Fetes:

At midsummer was to be a fete in the Saboba village, and the San Bernardino priest would come there.

Two or three times during the winter he gave a fete as a matter of social pride in return for the civilities he received.

Both were present at this fete given at the New Palace on the night of the 15th of July in their character of reporters.

Everybody wore rich apparel and was talking of the coming fete.

Next week, sometime, I am to have my promised lawn fete to introduce 53 the countryside to the new member of our household.

There was always a lawn fete when school closed in June at which the girls invited relatives and friends.

Not even graduation and the lawn fete, for then we all wear simple white muslin.

The Church consecrated the day of the miraculous deliverance a fete day observable by Greeks forever.

Close beside the guillotine stood the triumphal car of the Goddess of Reason, the special feature of this great national fete.

The last play of his—attending the fete of the Princess Irene as a bear tender—who but Demedes would have thought of such a role?