Fetish [noun]

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The craft of the Fetish-man comes under none of the preceding categories.

On this occasion, the king of the village and the staff of Fetish men connected with it, take part.

His Fetish was a wooden bowl behind which he squatted at the roadside by way of adoration.

The realization of abstractions was not the embodiment of a word, but the gradual disembodiment of a Fetish.

His playful introduction showed him a child of Mystery, moved by Voices and inspired by a Fetish.

This tree is in great estimation among the Africans, and is frequently regarded by them as their Fetish.

This is known as Fetish Rock from the legend that the natives used to throw live people from it into the river as sacrifices.

After Fetish Rock, the river bends sharply to the right and soon after Boma is in sight.

A Fetish is anything not a living being, worshiped because supposed to be inhabited by some god.

This gentleman lives on the offerings made to the Fetish, and he “exploits” his god, as a Frenchman would say, with great profit.