Fetuses [noun]

Definition of Fetuses:

unborn young

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Sentence/Example of Fetuses:

The incident happened at Hamad international airport in Doha earlier this month after a fetus was discovered in an airport bathroom.

About 1 percent happen after the fetus reaches the point of viability.

Vuong and her team looked at the brains of fetuses from pregnant mice — some with their usual gut bugs, some raised without microbes and others ridded of their gut bacteria with antibiotics.

When a mother’s microbes were missing, fetuses had shorter and fewer axons extending from the brain’s “relay station” to the cortex, Vuong says.

Those abnormalities potentially impact oxygen and nutrient delivery to the fetus.

Normally, erythroblasts are present only in the blood of the fetus and of very young infants.

The rudimentary intellect of the fetus is the uninterrupted continuation of the intellect in the preceding existence.

In case of involuntary abortion, which is comparatively frequent, the fetus is hung or buried under the house.

It is likewise found in the new-born and in the fetus.57 Its action, however, like its chemical composition, is markedly specific.

Dr. Abrams also has investigated methods whereby the sex of the fetus may be diagnosed.