Feudal [adjective]

Definition of Feudal:

having to do with the middle ages; old

Synonyms of Feudal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feudal:

Sentence/Example of Feudal:

The object of these scarli is to manifest the popular exultation at the annihilation of feudal tyranny.

It indeed brought us near to the spirit and customs of feudal times as we wandered about in the gloom of the deserted apartments.

The castle was built in 1385 and appears to havePg 285 been intended more as a palatial residence than a feudal fortress.

The castle, rude and ruinous, shows the work of many centuries, and was really a great fortress rather than a feudal residence.

And the scene continues, weirdly dramatic, like some old romantic tale of feudal days.

The leader of a feudal army was expected by his followers not only to point out the path to victory but to lead the way in person.

The Count of Plouernel coined money like the other feudal seigneurs, and, like them, he minted it to his liking.

This hierarchy of all feudal seigniories existed in name only, never in fact.

There are many old towns in Europe where you see feudal palaces perched on high hills or overhanging crags.

The frightful anarchy of the feudal period was nowhere worse than in this part of Europe.