Feuds [noun]

Definition of Feuds:

major argument; estrangement

Synonyms of Feuds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Feuds:

Sentence/Example of Feuds:

Details surfaced of the team’s minority owners securing a deal to sell their shares but Snyder blocking it because of a feud with one minority owner.

He has a long-running feud with the “Morning Joe” husband-and-wife team of Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

The film is dense with references to multiple real-life feuds, long-running critical arguments, and, perhaps most of all, the political allegiances and alliances that were so much a part of Hollywood’s first several decades.

A border feud at Reedsquair, between the English and Scottish marchmen, in which the former were completely beaten.

So bitter was the feud that either would have borne cheerfully a loss to prevent the other from making a profit.

As Scattergood well knew, the feud had its inception in religion as religion is practiced in that community.

That evening Mrs. Hooper and Mrs. Pettybone, childhood friends, long separated by the feud, stopped to speak to Scattergood.

But they are a mere handful, quite insignificant, kept alive mainly by the Most and Peukert feud.

Then the conversation turned upon the feud that existed between Viking and Sunburst, the river-drivers and the fishers.

But Wise, while he realized there were no other suspects, couldn't think the two ladies of Feud fame were the ones.