Feverishness [noun]

Definition of Feverishness:

anxious state

Opposite/Antonyms of Feverishness:

Sentence/Example of Feverishness:

He drove with a sort of irritable feverishness, until Henri leaned over and touched him on the shoulder.

In the course of the day she got a little better, but towards evening the feverishness increased again.

Thus passed the hours of the night; and as the day broke, he arose, impatient to actual feverishness for the coming interview.

Old, weather-beaten sailor on the ocean of life as I am, I feel an amount of feverishness and anxiety I am half ashamed of.

The eyelids were reddened now, and held wide apart, the eyes shining with a dry feverishness painful to see.

In short, notwithstanding my feverishness, he kept me laughing whether I would or no.

She begged for the words; she had them, and then her feverishness abated to a simple sparkling composure.

Her head felt better, and she noticed how peaceful the city looked; yet, as ever, with its suggestion of latent feverishness.

There is always more or less feverishness and discomfort, and frequently an extreme sensitiveness to cold.

If she had heard, it would only have meant quinine or aconite and belladonna to drive away feverishness.