Fiancee [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fiancee:

This engagement has been such a very public affair, so far, that I think I'd like to see my fiancee alone for a moment.

You have nothing to bother you—no family, no wife, no fiancee?

Moreover, he showed not the least sign that he had any idea such information might be startlingly obnoxious to his fiancee.

As soon as he was in the presence of his fiancee he saw that she was again in the throes of some violent agitation.

If there was never fiancee stronger-minded and more reserved than she, never was there mother more tender.

Louis Payne had ingratiated himself with a confiding young lady who was on her way to Honolulu to join her fiancee.

Had his fiancee's lover been a private person he would have killed him, but it was his beloved Tsar.

No, my beautiful, holy fiancee, you shall not return to this cold earth before it knows the woman who has walked on it.

I don't know exactly what he said, but I believe he made a rather strong protest about knowing his fiancee's character au fond.

Endowed with the gift of imagination, I made my former fiancee the object of all my thoughts.