Fiats [noun]

Definition of Fiats:

order, proclamation

Synonyms of Fiats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiats:

Sentence/Example of Fiats:

Initially, Libra had proposed creating a cryptocurrency supported by a basket of government-issued fiat currencies and securities.

Such currencies, which are under discussion, would be backed by each country’s existing currencies, known as fiat currencies.

He became the umpire of taste, and his word was received as the fiat of fashion.

When at length comes the conviction that all are doomed, the fiat goes forth to put the suffering creatures out of pain.

And do not let anybody fool you for a single second by talking about "fiat money" and "inflation of the currency."

They had imagined that the Pope would not dare to utter words of defiance against the fiat of an irreligious Bloc.

After a heated debate the fiat went forth that Congress could not take action till 1808.

In that instant a huge Fiat, armed with a brazen fender, swung around the curve and rammed Plury in the radiator.

Whose fiat has decreed, Thus fast shalt thou go, and no faster?

These were experiments by the Admiralty in building boats of foreign design, drawings being used of the Laurenti and Fiat firms.