Fib [noun]

Definition of Fib:

undetailed lie

Synonyms of Fib:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fib:

Sentence/Example of Fib:

Don't fib; brace up and make a clean breast of it, and if you need advice I am full of it.

"It was to tease you," said John, who understood at once and who was willing to fib in a good cause.

It is a positive joy to meet a man who had rather appear uncivil than coin a polite fib.

You've been telling me a great big fib, because there are the soldiers coming back again.

Amphibology, am-fib-ol′o-ji, n. the use of ambiguous phrases or such as can be construed in two senses.

Amphibalus, am-fib′a-lus, n. an ecclesiastical vestment like the chasuble.

Remember that this was, in the spirit of it, a fib, seeing that the tone of voice was that of welcome to a possible revelation.

I mean I know what makes it work, why it tells the truth, when it does tell the truth, and why it fibs when it does fib.

It is not telling a little fib, but acting one; 'making pretend,' for a purpose sanctioned by all and injurious to none.

It is a greater sin to tell a fib, and say you never write it.