Fibers [noun]

Definition of Fibers:

strand of material

Synonyms of Fibers:

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Sentence/Example of Fibers:

Everything from sweat-wicking Lycra to the polyester fibers of a cozy fleece is plastic, and those materials slough off over time.

They run smoothly and dry quickly on both fiber and waxed papers, and come in multiple nib sizes going from 01 to 08, and even the hyper-fine 001 and 003.

Carbon fiber heating elements heat up three areas of the body quickly and temperature levels can be adjusted for your comfort, especially when you start sweating.

Not to mention, the fiber from the celery makes you fuller, longer and also contributes to good gut health as well.

People are starting to think more and more about the environmental impact of home design, and many natural fibers are sustainably produced without leading to deforestation.

With a body-fabric mix of 30 percent yak wool and 70 percent merino fibers, and lined with Polartec Alpha insulation, the Xenolith is made from three different materials, each known for warmth and breathability.

It will also keep your GI tract moving along, since fiber is good for “regularity.”

Their fibers can be “used at least seven times to make new paper products,” Brock explains.

Verizon’s customer support team said on Twitter on Tuesday that a fiber had been cut in Brooklyn, which could possibly account for some of the issues.

The top layer is a cooling Tencel cover with fibers that wick moisture more effectively than standard cotton.