Fibula [noun]

Definition of Fibula:

fastener with long pin

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Sentence/Example of Fibula:

This specimen (fig. 190) is a fibula or pin, one of the commonest objects of Etruscan, Greek, or Roman dress.

Fig. 190 shows an Etruscan bronze fibula with two Swastikas and two Maltese crosses in the pin shield.

A bronze fibula (fig. 199) is in the museum at Mayence, the body of which has the form of the normal Swastika.

A small though good example of Etruscan work is shown in the gold fibula (fig. 187).

Medallion-shaped fibula, of fine granulated work, with figures of sirens in relief, and set with dark blue pastes.

Several fragments of the missile are shown on the lower fragment of the fibula.

A small foramen exists at the mid-length of the tibio-fibula.

In the bird the fibula is small and its lower end diminishes to a point.

The second segment contains two long bones, the radius and ulna (or arm bones), or the tibia and fibula (or leg bones).

His mantle was being torn off him with strong pulls that would have throttled him if the fibula had not given way.