Fiction [noun]

Definition of Fiction:

made-up story

Opposite/Antonyms of Fiction:

Sentence/Example of Fiction:

This is why GPT-3 shines when writing creative fiction, where factual accuracy is less of a concern.

Your write that language, like fiction, creates meaning where none existed before.

They’re probably all wrong to start with, and then we try and link those fictions with other people’s fictions.

Indeed, a lot of serious science fiction work aims to scare us away from less-than-palatable trajectories we might be considering, or have already embarked on.

Mulan’s entry into masculine spaces is celebrated, for example, because women embracing traits strongly associated with masculinity is celebrated in fiction.

When not poring over data, you can find him writing fiction, playing some geeky game, or wielding a sword.

Covid-19 has held the entire world hostage, producing a resemblance to the post-apocalyptic world depicted in many science fiction texts.

However, the connection between science fiction and pandemics runs deeper.

I believe in the argument that there’s more yardage if you were to build a paid subscription business around a niche that hasn’t been well served by podcasting just yet — maybe it’s fiction, maybe it’s sports — and be very disciplined about it.

A true history of the Merrill Horse, and the adventures of its different members, would read like the most exciting fiction.