Fictional [adjective]

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Named for the all-seeing stones in the fictional Lord of the Rings trilogy, Palantir combines myriad, ever-changing data streams into one centralized “source of truth.”

As a thought experiment, he began building a fictional universe called Hour Blue and soon saw it as a business opportunity.

The Sharks and the Jets, in the fictional-gangs-from-the-50s industry.

In Paralink’s case, the federal government takes the place of the fictional Hooli — and the establishment is again getting a run for its money.

The Bookshop, like Ryan’s fictional The Shop Around The Corner, is an old establishment, run more as a family set-up even though those who work there are not related by blood.

Factual material, however disguised, often shines through its fictional background.

Next to "Hadleyburg," it is Mark Twain's greatest fictional sermon.

It has no fictional connection with the others; it is in no sense a sequel, but rather a companion story.

It was one of his many failures; for, unlike the great fictional detectives who never fail, Haggerty was human, and did.

For a sample of a fictional continuous watch report might look like the following.