Fictive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fictive:

She made even the true seem fictive, while Miriam's effort was to make the fictive true.

Its grossness must be transposed, as it were, to a fictive scale, a scale of fainter tints and generalized signs.

Of this part of the Gospel, Loisy says, 'rien n'est plus arbitraire comme exégèse, ni plus faible comme narration fictive.'

I question if there is another fictive utterance to surpass this one in authenticity.

I was for the time entirely the historian, with little time to dream of the fictive material with which my memory was filled.

One portrait, however, that of Olivier, would seem to have been purely fictive.

In the first poem of the book, using the fictive 'he' as its subject, she indicates her attitude to that region beyond sense.

Falstaff ceases to be a fictive creation, or the mere dramatic representation of a type, and takes on a distinctive individuality.

Her mind was naturally fictive, and she divined the immense world suggested by the girl's incoherent sentences.

Lyon hoped for a letter recounting the fictive sequel; but apparently his brilliant sitter did not operate with the pen.