Fidgets [verb]

Definition of Fidgets:

move restlessly

Synonyms of Fidgets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fidgets:



Sentence/Example of Fidgets:

Type in “fidget spinners,” and you’ll see that there was a huge spike in 2017 when no-one could get enough of those toys.

While flicking a fidget spinner around isn’t going to provide enough exercise to melt away the fat over the abs, the collective effect of moving around all day can be significant when it comes to calorie consumption.

Then Michael and Alan would be inclined to fidget, until Michael announced it was time to go and swat.

"I wish that boy Wiggins wouldn't fidget with his zuchetto," Michael's friend observed.

Mr Neeld was in a fidget, a fidget of importance and expectancy.

Mrs. Leslie came up in fidget and in fuss; she leant over Randal's shoulder and read the card.

The prince cleared his throat, and began to fidget as though he were at a loss what to add further.

Shaughnessy's fellows began to fidget and look eagerly thither, and he read their wish.

I am in a horrible fidget about certain points which I want to be sure of in correcting my proofs.

Rosalind conceded the point, and was left alone under a solemn promise not to be a goose and fidget.