Fields [noun]

Definition of Fields:

open land that can be cultivated

Synonyms of Fields:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fields:


Sentence/Example of Fields:

Sarah was standing on the porch again wiping her hands on her apron, looking away toward the fields.

Thy eye desireth favour and beauty, but more than these green sown fields.

The result was that some 40 rebels were killed, others taken prisoners, and the remainder escaped into the planted fields.

He commanded a regiment in the war of 1812, and was maimed for life in the battle of Chrystler's fields.

Beggars are not abundant; but women are required to labor quite extensively in the fields.

His steps led him now not to the beach, but to the Cemetery of Rocklington, amid the potato-fields.

He found the village in disorder, the fields neglected, many houses deserted, the remainder of the people preparing to move away.

His parents were of the well-to-do farming class, occupied from one year's end to the other with the work of the fields.

The question whether we can long support two fields of operation draining on our resources requires grave consideration.

Another glorious distinction of Bastien-Lepage was that he loved the fields as well as he loved the peasants.